After 25 Years of Talk, Are Nonprofits Ready to Act on Diversity?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy (Mar. 7, 2018)
Last year’s BoardSource report found that only about a quarter of executives and board chairs placed a “high priority” on demographics in recruitment. “There’s no mystery in terms of why boards have not become diverse,” says Anne Wallestad, president of BoardSource.
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Foundation Board Recruitment Practices Lagging, Report Finds

Foundation Center (Mar. 5, 2018)
Foundation boards lack racial/ethnic diversity in significant ways and, given current board recruitment practices, that is unlikely to change, a new report from BoardSource finds.
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Nonprofit Workers Under Stress: How Leaders Can Respond

The Chronicle of Philanthropy (Feb. 23, 2018)
Nonprofits face unprecedented challenges and new opportunities driven by the political landscape, social movements, and an increased desire to change the status quo.
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Culture, Inclusion, and Nonprofit Competence: The Unbreakable Links

Nonprofit Quarterly (Jan. 26, 2018)
BoardSource data that shows that many organizations fail to make a real effort to become more inclusive…
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Why most nonprofit boards resemble whiteboards and how to fix that

Nonprofit HR (Jan. 10, 2018)
Nonprofit boards should be more diverse than this group, but too often they’re not.
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Former Nonprofit CEO Asks Why Boards Are So White and Suggests Steps

Nonprofit Quarterly (Jan. 11, 2018)
A window currently exists to achieve greater diversity, as many older nonprofit board members may soon be stepping down, creating openings for a new more diverse generation of leadership. But that will only occur if that opportunity is seized.
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The Four Questions to Ask When Serving on a Nonprofit Board

McKinsey Quarterly (December 2017)
If you know how to probe, nudge, and prod, you can help your board perform better. Doing so starts with courage. Nonprofit board members are often reluctant to contribute actively to discussions for fear that they will appear uninformed or cause an embarrassing ruckus. To be effective, you must overcome that fear. And then you must ask questions, even ones you fear might seem stupid. Keep asking them until you figure out what the smart questions are. Then demand answers to the smart questions. And while many questions will be specific to your organization, there are four crucial ones that apply to all nonprofits. Read the full article.

Accelerating Nonprofit Board Diversity

Nonprofit HR (Dec. 5, 2017)
In our current political and social climate, it is more important than ever that nonprofit organizations step up to serve those in need and innovate for the health and sustainability of their missions. Developing truly diverse and inclusive boards is a critical step toward achieving these goals.
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Letter to the Editor: In Defense of Board Diversity

Anne Wallestad, The Chronicle of Philanthropy (July 18, 2017)
There is significant evidence that boards and other leadership bodies composed of diverse groups of leaders perform better in many critical areas, most notably in innovation, problem solving, and financial performance…
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Board Smarts: What’s Missing?

Tim Ebner, Associations Now (Dec. 1, 2017)
Getting boards to remedy diversity and inclusion blind spots isn’t easy. Here’s how one organization is doing it.
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